9 May 2011 9:00 am EST

Aquille Carr, a sophomore basketball player from Paterson High School (Baltimore, MD),
is undoubtedly the most exciting basketball player in the country. His exploits in high school 
and AAU have drawn rave reviews. Aquille's incredible speed with the ball makes him the 
most un-guardable high school prospect in the country. 

Carr recently went on a trip to Italy to play in the Junior International Tournament. 
After scoring over 40 points a game in his last five outings he came away with a truly 
impressive pro basketball offer. That offer came from a team that developed another 
high school to pro prospect in Brandon Jennings.

See the video below for his entire interview with Joe Davis of ScoutsFocus, where he talks 
about his truly lucrative and once in a lifetime offer.

Here is the short interview if time is constrained.

Aquille Carr's Incredible Offer