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ESPN – Paul Biancardi

-ESPN Paul Biancardi
-A checklist for greatness 1-Love the game 2-Respect the game 3-Prepare for the game 4-Improve your game 5-Learn the the game.@scoutsfocus

-ESPN – Paul Biancardi
-Found this rising soph today @scoutsfocus A left handed scoring guard. Now he must learn to lead! @mattcoleman2_ 

Yahoo!/Rivals.com - Eric Bossi

- HOOPS: Big man Zach Brown is impressing at camps left and right & that was no exception at the ScoutsFocus camp: http://ow.ly/3m2rsg FREE

-Rivals – Eric Bossi
- Some late night links. NBPA friday morn. session https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1652485 … Zach Brown/Scouts focus w/video breakdown https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1652495 …
- HOOPS: Big man Zach Brown is impressing at camps left and right & that was 
no exception at the ScoutsFocus camp: http://ow.ly/3m2rsg FREE

247 Sports  - Jerry Meyer

-Jerry Meyer
-#Bolt from @scoutsfocus camp: Kentucky, South Carolina, UCLA & others after 7-1 2017 center Zach Brown http://bit.ly/1nmE4rk @jcshurburtt
-Jerry Meyer
- Dont think I've ever seen a 7-foot plus rising sophomore play as hard as Zach Brown. @scoutsfocus aa camp
-Jerry Meyer
- Stepped over to @scoutsfocus AA Camp to watch Zach Brown go against Sacha Killeya-Jones. SKJ visiting VCU tomorrow.

Scout.com - Rob Harrington

-Scout.com – Rob Harrington
- Sacha Killeya-Jones is a talented and relatively under-scouted big man in the 2016 class: http://scouthoops.scout.com/story/1413063-sf-takeout-sacha-killeya-jones?s=75 …

-Scout.com – Rob Harrington
-Junior guard Curtis Jones holds offers from Virginia Tech, Virginia, NCSU and more: http://scouthoops.scout.com/story/1413061-sf-jones-discusses-offers-visits?s=75 …

Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis 

-Phenom Hoops Report- Rick Lewis
- Phenom Hoops Introduces James Dickey 6’8 2015 Word of God/Team Loaded NC http://phenomhoopreport.com/phenom-hoops-introduces-james-dickey-68-2015-word-godteam-loaded-nc/ … Most improved player in NC 2015

-Phenom Hoops Report – Rick Lewis 
-Five players that should get invites to Top 100 next year Sacha Killeya-Jones Zach Brown Karim Ezzidene Curt Jones Matt Coleman

-Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis 
-phenomhoopreport.com/phenom-hoops-introduction-zach-brown-7-2017-miami-beach-hs/ … Phenom Hoops takes a look at 7'1 2017 @scoutsfocus AA camp

--Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis 
-- Measuring reach at the @scoutsfocus AA CAMP pic.twitter.com/kSyc9HkS0a

-Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis 
-@Chosen2give http://phenomhoopreport.com/name-know-karim-ezzidene-69-2017-team-loadedcarlisle/ … A name to know. 6'9 2017 Karim Ezzidene
--Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis 
-- @Phenom_Hoops will be covering the @Top100Camp @scoutsfocus @VCUathletics NBPA Top 100 Camp Scouts Focus AA Camp VCU Team Camp this week
--Phenom Hoops Report – Rick Lewis 
-- Got a feeling 6'1 '17 Matt Coleman of Boo Williams will be playing at the NBA Top 100 next year. Blazing speed/ @scoutsfocus
--Phenom Hoops Report – Rick Lewis 
-5'9 '18 Hunter Strait of Iowa basketball IQ and skills for his age/grade advanced. Fun player to watch @scoutsfocus 

-Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis 
- Station work at Scouts Focus AA CAMP 

-Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis 
- http://phenomhoopreport.com/kind-player-ty-simmons-62-2015-e-carteret/ … Check out story on @mattcoleman2_ from the @scoutsfocus AA camp

-Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis 
- http://phenomhoopreport.com/kind-player-ty-simmons-62-2015-e-carteret/ … Check out story on @mattcoleman2_ from the @scoutsfocus AA camp

-Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis 
- Phenom Hoops Introduction Quentin Jackson 6’2 2016 Word of God/Stackhouse Elite http://phenomhoopreport.com/phenom-hoops-introduction-quentin-jackson-62-2016-word-godstackhouse-elite/ … Quentin Jackson "Consistently Good"

-Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis 
- Phenom Hoops Introduces Quate McKinzie 6’7 2016 Harrells Christian/CP3 http://phenomhoopreport.com/phenom-hoops-introduces-quate-mckinzie-67-2016-harrells-christiancp3/ …
-Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis 
- Check out some of players in our discussion one year ago at Scouts Focus camp http://phenomhoopreport.com/scouts-focus-all-american-camp-part-i/ … Chris Clarke Sacha Killeya-Jones

-Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis 
- Tomorrow, will have nice story on 6'3 '17 Douglas Elks from the Scouts Focus AA Camp SIM CARD alert

-Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis
- 6'3 '17 Douglas Elks highly skilled/academic player. Stock on the rise @scoutsfocus pic.twitter.com/kBvoHBhJaN
- Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis
-6’1 Matt “The Jet” Coleman has offers from ODU, UVA, VT, VCU, Cincy but states UNC is his dream school @scoutsfocus 

-Phenom Hoop Report – Rick Lewis
- 6'3 '16 Quentin Jackson Jr. has 13 offers in the trunk. Getting interest from UF, VT, UVA, UA, NCSU Playing well at @scoutsfocus AA camp

Rivals.com/The Recruit Scoop – Alex Kline

-The Recruiting Scoop- Alex Kline
-Curtis Jones, Jaylen Fornes, Matt Coleman, Clayton Hughes & Sacha Killeya- Jones excelled at #ScoutsFocusAA on Day 1: https://recruitscoop.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1652334 …

-The Recruiting Scoop – Alex Kline
-2016 wing Clayton Hughes has been shooting the ball extremely well. Great length with the ability to create his own shot. #ScoutsFocusAA

-The Recruiting Scoop – Alex Kline 
- Heading down to Virginia on Wednesday for full coverage of NBPA Top-100 Camp & Scoutsfocus All-American Camp this week for @Rivals.

-The Recruiting Scoop- Alex Kline
-A battle of the bigs highlighted #ScoutsFocusAA Day 2 as 2017 Zach Brown got the best of 2016 Raekwon Long - https://recruitscoop.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1652606 …

Vantage Hoops

-Vintage Hoops
- Class of 2015 Standouts at the @ScoutsFocus All-American Camp http://www.vantagehoops.com/news_article/show/398100?referrer_id=1103687 … 5 rising seniors in VA stood out this past weekend

-Vantage Hoops
-Austin Katstra (@akatstra) of #Albemarle was one of the more productive 2017 players at #ScoutsFocus. His Profile: http://www.vantagehoops.com/2017-player-database?id=1272704-austin-katstra …

-Vantage Hoops
-#ScoutsFocus All-American Camp Standouts Class of 2015 - http://www.vantagehoops.com/news_article/show/398100?referrer_id=1103687 … 2016 - http://www.vantagehoops.com/news_article/show/398270?referrer_id=1103687 … 2017 - http://www.vantagehoops.com/news_article/show/398323?referrer_id=1103687 …

-Vantage Hoops 
- 2017 Matt Coleman (@mattcoleman2_) of #Maury was terrific last wkend at #ScoutsFocus & ODU Elite Camp His profile: http://www.vantagehoops.com/2017-player-database?id=1178646-matt-coleman …

-Vantage Hoops
- 2 of the more impressive skillsets in their respective VA classes on same court right now. Richard Washington & Rasir Bolton #ScoutsFocus


-Vantage Hoops 
-Who were the Top 5 c/o 2015 Performers at #ScoutsFocus All-American Camp this weekend? ($) http://www.vantagehoops.com/news_article/show/398100?referrer_id=1103687 …
-Vantage Hoops 
- We're at UVA today for the @scoutsfocus All-American Camp. Stay tuned for updates! #VaHoops 

-Vantage Hoops
- Class of 2017 #ScoutsFocus STANDOUTS: http://www.vantagehoops.com/news_article/show/398323?referrer_id=1103687 … A new name emerged and others starred 

-Vantage Hoops
- A couple new photos up on the profile of 2016 Kyonze Chavis (@pologuy15), who had a good weekend at #ScoutsFocus http://www.vantagehoops.com/2016-player-database?id=1176150-kyonze-chavis …

-Vantage Hoops - Corey Pegram
- Remember the name Karim Ezzidene. Carlisle 6'8 2017 a blend of strength, a motor, and an inside-out skillset. High level. #ScoutsFocus

-Vantage Hoops – Corey Pegram 
-Big thanks to @scoutsfocus. Awesome two days at the All-American Camp. Always a great opportunity for under recruited players #ScoutsFocus

-Vantage Hoops Report – Corey Pegram
- Not one guy at camp I'd rather build my team around than 2017 Matt Coleman. PG skillset, speed, intangibles, feel, competitor. #ScoutsFocus

-Vantage Hoops – Corey Pegram
- Stock of Sacha Killeya-Jones is rising. Info on him & other #ScoutsFocus 2016 Standouts: http://www.vantagehoops.com/news_article/show/398270?referrer_id=1103687 … 

-Vantage Hoops – Corey Pegram 
- 2017 Karim Ezzidene emerged as another high-major prospect at Carlisle. Notes on him & other #ScoutsFocus standouts: http://www.vantagehoops.com/news_article/show/398323?referrer_id=1103687 …

Roundball Rundown Report –Corey Evans 

-Roundball Rundown Report – Corey Evans
-Big fan of Kohl Roberts out of Georgia in 2016. Undersized 4 who is super active on both ends around the bucket #ScoutsFocusAA 

-Roundball Rundown Report – Corey Evans 
- James Dickey has been really good today. Coast to coast finishes great feet and touch around the tin #ScoutsFocusAA 

-Roundball Rundown Report – Corey Evans 
- Darnell Dunn is a great sleeper candidate in 2015 for Stackhouse Elite. Bully around the bucket with a solid motor #ScoutsFocusAA 

-Roundball Rundown Report – Corey Evans 
-@coreyevans_10: Also can't leave out @scoutsfocus events this week in Charlottesville. Event seems to be getting more notable by the year"

​Corey Evans
-Corey Evans 
- Clayton Hughes continuing to impress here. Creating for others on penetrate and kick with two hand jam on the attack

-Corey Evans 
- Clayton Hughes and Zach Brown impressing thus far. Brown has alot of a young Dakari Johnson to him. Broad shoulders, carves out spacing

-Corey Evans 
- Baseline to baseline, no one faster listed 6' and above than Matt Coleman

-Corey Evans 
- 2017 French connection...Karim Ezzidene is a full flight HM guy. 6'7 3-man who creates well for himself off the deck

-Corey Evans 

Hoops Intel - Corey Evans

- DAY 3 STANDOUTS IN CHARLOTTESVILLE - http://hoopsintel.sportswar.com/2014/06/21/day-3-standouts-in-charlottesville/ 

-Hoops Intel
- Latest recruiting updates on Tevin Mack, Curt Jones, Dewan Huell, Daniel Giddens, Steven Enoch, Samir Sehic & more: http://hoopsintel.sportswar.com/2014/06/20/day-two-standouts-in-charlottesville/ 
-Hoops Intel – Corey Evans 
- @coreyevans_10 has his Day II write-up from NBPA Top 100 Camp and notes from Scouts Focus AA camp as well. Story: http://hoopsintel.sportswar.com/2014/06/20/day-two-standouts-in-charlottesville/ 

-Hoops Intel - Corey Evans 
- @coreyevans_10 has his Day II write-up from NBPA Top 100 Camp and notes from Scouts Focus AA camp as well. Story: http://hoopsintel.sportswar.com/2014/06/20/day-two-standouts-in-charlottesville/ 

All Metro Hoops

-All Metro Hoops 
- Allmetrohoops - Scout Focus, Friday http://www.allmetrohoops.com/index.php/component/content/article/87-news-articles/210-scout-focus-friday …

Phenom Hoop Report – Jamie Shaw

-Phenom Hoops Report – Jamie Shaw
- Phenom Hoops Intro Zach Brown 7′ '17 Miami Beach/S Beach All Stars http://phenomhoopreport.com/phenom-hoops-introduction-zach-brown-7-2017-miami-beach-hs/ … @Coach_Rick57 @scoutsfocus @IAMZACH_BROWN @CHC3
-Jamie Shaw 
- Scouts Focus Live Elite Camp Coaches of all Levels in Attendance http://phenomhoopreport.com/scouts-focus-live-elite-camp/ … @Coach_Rick57 @AllStarPreps @Justinbyerly @CHC3

-Phenom Hoop Report – Jamie Shaw 
- Phenom Hoops Intro Matt Coleman 6'1 '17 Maury/Boo Williams http://phenomhoopreport.com/phenom-hoops-introduces-matt-coleman-61-2017-mauryboo-williams/ … @Coach_Rick57 @mattcoleman2_ @Andrew_Canavos @m_shockley

-Jamie Shaw
More from our extensive coverage of the Scouts Focus AA camp http://phenomhoopreport.com/scouts-focus-all-american-camp-part-v/ …

-Jamie Shaw
- Check out what Rick and I had to say about the Scouts Focus AA Camp in Part 4 of our series. http://phenomhoopreport.com/scouts-focus-all-american-camp-part-iv/ …

Next Up Recruits 

-Next up Recruits 
- @PaulBiancardi speaking to the players at the @scoutsfocus All-American Camp. 

-Next up recruits 
- If you haven't seen 2017 7'0 C Zach Brown yet, head over to #ScoutsfocusAA Camp NOW where he will be entertaining scouts. @Hitidesbball

Elite Mixtapes NC – Bryce Lanning 

-Elite Mixtapes NC – Bryce Lanning
-Had a great time in VA. Big thanks to @Top100Camp & @scoutsfocus for the hospitality!

HoopSeen/Sean Alfonso

-Seen Alfonso
- The most impressive BIG @scoutsfocus camp was Nate VonderHaar who is solid around the basket w great feet & hands 

-Seen Alfonso
- Douglas Elk is one to keep an eye on. The '17 product has a good feel for the game with a sweet looking jumper @scoutsfocus

-Seen Alfonso
- Kamu Perry from @LHughesHoops has brought it today @scoutsfocus camp by changing speed, being aggressive & getting to the rim.

-Seen Alfonso
- TN's Nathanial Collins has had a good first session @scoutsfocus with a nose for the basketball and hustle plays

-Seen Alfonso
-The size & strength of Nate VonderHaar has been a problem for the other @scoutsfocus participants. Good hands & uses spacing well

-Seen Alfonso
- Basketball evaluator Tom Konchalski talking to @scoutsfocus campers #legend pic.twitter.com/kewuh5t1Zw
-Seen Alfonso
-Indianland HS's Darnell Rogers is showing out in the @scoutsfocus championship game. He is dishing, driving & scoring at will

-Seen Alfonso
@MrHoopSeen: Everyone has come to see the 7-footers '17 Zach Brown & '16 Raekwon Long @scoutsfocus

Seen Alfonso
- WV's Scott Kerr Jr is a smooth scorer, hard nose defender & crafty player. Rattlesnake tough @scoutsfocus 

-Seen Alphonso
- The start of @scoutsfocus showcase at UVA pic.twitter.com/KQ0LRWFm6J

City League Hoops – Ty Kish 

-City League Hoops – Ty Kish 
-7 foot 9th grader Zach Brown HUGE And 1 dunk at @scoutsfocus http://youtu.be/kN_enc1HSJ0 ESPN #4 2017 in the country @PaulBiancardi
-City League Hoops – Ty Kish 
-Tom Konchalski, Brian Merritt, Jerry Meyer, John Stovall, Horace Neysmith, Taylor Hicks, Alex Kline all watching games at @scoutfocus
--City League Hoops – Ty Kish 
-- NEW VIDEO: Clayton Hughes huge dunk at @scoutsfocus Academic All-American Camp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OR3m-4hgYY … Thanks to Joe Davis @ClaymaneeeeYooo

Full Court Press – Dinos Trigonis
-Full Court Press – Dinos Trigonis
-Big group of scouts out to peek at 6-11+ 2017 Zach Brown (Miami FL) at @scoutsfocus @jerrymeyer247 @ebosshoops Konchalski @TheRecruitScoop


-WCAV CBS19 Sports
- "ScoutsFocus" All-American Camp Opens Play at U-Hall http://bit.ly/1qjVTeH 

Daily Progress


Virginia Preps – Will Garlick
-Virginia Preps- Will Garlick 
- Scoutsfocus All-American Recap: Benedictine point guard C.J. Wiggins was among the standout performers at the ... http://bit.ly/1ptQd2h 

Rivals/NC Preps 

​Camp Recap: https://ncpreps.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1654193

'16 PF Osi Smart has only been playing for 9 months but his physical profile & 7-2 wingspan give him the foundation of a high-major prospect https://twitter.com/Amo_Weld/status/481880909101400064
Love the ability of '16 PG Jalen Harris. Pure playmaker who mixes his scoring attack, keeps his dribble low & constantly gets into the lane.

2016 CG Jaylen Fornes is as crafty as it gets. Deceptive ball-handler who hurts you in a variety of ways. He can score with or w/o the ball.

Witnessed 2015 G Khaileel Dailey hit his head on the rim during a dunk. One of the most impressive moments of the entire week.

2015 F James Dickey continues to emerge as one of the top prospects in the region. Versatile athlete with range as a shooter & shot-blocker.

Watching Raekwon Long battle down low vs Zach Brown. Pair of 7-footers who run the floor and dominate the glass.

About to watch 2016 big man Sacha Killeya-Jones go up against 2017 7-footer Zach Brown. Going to learn a lot about each prospect.
Killeya-Jones is seriously outmuscled in the post but he's doing an excellent job of using his length to deny post feeds
Jaylen Fornes https://rivals.yahoo.com/video/recruiting-basketball/word-of-god-jaylen-fornes-talks-recruitment-1126875
Jalen Harris https://rivals.yahoo.com/video/recruiting-basketball/Jalen-Harris-talks-recruitment-1126877;_ylt=AuipG5AGC9Doz95pXWpRRJkd7qB4
​Sacha Killeya-Jones https://rivals.yahoo.com/video/highschool-basketball/Sacha-Killeya-Jones-talks-49ers-1126747?NICK_NAME=AlexKline&LEVEL=2&TIME=1403828657&SIG=9c53a97281f3d36d224ea768014abba7

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